21st Century Transportation for America

USHSR is proud to offer a selection of rail tours as part of the Cascadia Rail Summit in cooperation with Sound Transit, King County, and Microsoft.

All tours take place Friday November 8, starting at 9am, and run approximately until 1pm.

Space is limited, so register early.


TOUR 1 - Sound Transit Rail Construction

Get a close-up view of one of the largest rail transit construction projects in America - the 14-mile long East Link light rail project including 10 new stations. Construction started in 2016 and rail service for the new rail line is expected to begin in 2023.

TOUR 2 - TOD Seattle

Tour the new light rail line and TOD (Transit Oriented Development) along the way. The tour will include a stop at
The Spring District, a major new TOD being developed by Wright Runstad & Company. The 16-block, 36-acre project is being developed centered around the Spring District/120th light rail station, which is embedded in the center of the project.

Plans for the neighborhood were drawn up in the late 2000s and proceeded after a 2009 upzone of the Bel-Red corridor. Construction began in 2015 and continues in preparation for the new light rail station opening in 2023 or sooner.

Be part of the Great American Rail Renaissance!


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