21st Century Transportation for America


Transmetrics is a civil engineering firm providing civil engineering, transportation planning, and construction management services to public and private sector clients for the past 30 years.  Transmetrics has a diverse portfolio of both projects and clients, and has developed strategic partnerships with major engineering firms in the United States and abroad.  Their headquarters is Silicon Valley, in California.  More on Transmetrics


Siemens is a leading train manufacturer from Germany with operations in the United States.  Siemens manufacturers a variety of rail cars for different speeds.  Most of the high speed trains in operation in Germany are manufactured by Siemens. 
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Parsons Brinckerhoff is one of the world's leading planning, engineering, and program and construction management organizations.  Founded in 1885 and headquartered in New York City, PB is a leader in the development and operation of infrastructure to meet the needs of communities around the world.  As the lead planning consultant on the California high speed rail project, PB has extensive experience in high speed rail project planning and design.  More info on PB


SENER is a global engineering and architecture firm with offices in United States, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and South America.  SENER has significant experience in all forms of rail project development including high speed rail, metros and light rail, railway stations, and more.  SENER also has expertise in roads, highways, airports, ports, maritime works, hydraulics, environment, architecture, and urban planning.  More on SENER


Schaefer is a world leader in the power conversion industry, offering a broad base of ac/dc power supplies, dc/dc converters, battery chargers, dc/ac inverters and frequency inverters featuring rugged, dependable designs manufactured to strict ISO9001 standards.  In addition to standard products, Schaefer's Engineering Group can quickly and easily handle requests for modified or full custom designs, tailored to your exact requirements.  More on Schaefer 


Alstom is a leading train manufacturer from France with operations in the United States.  Alstom manufacturers a variety of rail cars for different speeds, and is a world leader in high speed and very high speed.  One of their trains recently set a world speed record of 357 mph!  All the high speed trains in operation in France are manufactured by Alstom. 
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Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM) is a leading architectural and engineering firm formed in Chicago in 1936.  Well known for some of America's skyscraper icons including the Sears Tower, and Burj Khalifa (currently the world's tallest building), SOM has completed over 10,000 projects around the nation and in more than 50 countries around the world.  SOM provides services in architecture, building services, engineering, digital design, graphics, interior design, structural engineering, civil engineering, sustainable design, and urban design and planning.  More on SOM

TEMS (Transportation Economics & Management Systems, Inc.) is a leader in Operations Planning, Demand Forecasting, Economic Analysis, Infrastructure Management, and Systems Development.  The company has developed a reputation in interstate modeling, particularly using stated preference surveys that provide input to demand modeling systems applying proprietary computer software models and techniques.  TEMS's clients include federal, state and local transportation agencies; railroad companies and transit authorities; international development organizations; investment and commercial banks; and a wide range of private sector companies throughout North America and abroad.  More on TEMS


US HSR.  Making it happen.


Virgin Rail Group is a leading train operator in the United Kingdom.  One of the most unique rail operators in the world, Virgin is a profitable, private company running trains in a number of corridors in the UK.  Known for cutting edge services, unique comforts, and competitive prices, Virgin Rail Group takes rail travel to another level.  More on Virgin


Louis Berger Group is an internationally recognized consulting firm that provides engineering, architecture, program and construction management, environmental planning and science, and economic development services.  For nearly 60 years, the firm has over 5,000 employees in 90 countries working across the spectrum for governments, multilateral institutions, and commercial industry. 
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C. Kell-Smith & Associates, Inc. (CKSA), a national leader in Aircraft Sound Insulation, has provided project management and information services to more than 17 municipalities, 10 international airports, and various other community groups. To date, CKSA has successfully managed hundreds of millions of dollars in FAA, AIP, PFC, and Airport grants, insulating tens of thousands of single- and multi-family homes, heritage designated homes, churches, schools, and public use buildings.  More on C. Kell-Smith