21st Century Transportation for America


21st century transportation for America
USHSR membership puts you at the center of the new high speed rail industry  

Membership puts you at the forefront of a new revolution in 21st century, sustainable transportation in America.  Be at the center of the action in the new US high seed rail industry, which is about to take off, and will be America's next industrial revolution.  There are many opportunities for involvement in the US High Speed Rail Association with different membership levels and categories to choose from.  Keep up with the latest information, find jobs, staff and more. 

Our mission is to build widespread public, business, and political support for a major investment in a national high speed rail network.
New high speed rail construction
Creating millions of jobs and multi-billion dollar contracts

There are several options for membership in USHSR. The options are for different levels of involvement. Click to view the benefits and features of each:

"88% of Americans support high speed rail"

jobs | economic recovery | mobility | safety | energy security | climate solution

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US HSR.  Making it happen.