21st Century Transportation for America

High Speed Rail is coming to Silicon Valley! Join business and politial leaders bringing high speed rail to America at the National High Speed Rail Leadership Summit!

California leads the nation in building state-of-the-art, 21st century transportation. Come celebrate the great leadership and vision moving America forward! Construction is underway on the first phase of the state-wide, 800-mile super advanced transportation system set to revolutionize mobility in America. Don't miss this exciting event!

Governor Jerry Brown epitomizes great leadership, vision, and work towards sustainability. In a recent Rolling Stone interview, Governor Brown is held up as a great leader: 

"Jerry Brown's California now stands like a parallel universe to Donald Trump's America: a land of tolerance, high immigration, tight gun control and world-beating innovation – combining a soaring economy with plummeting greenhouse-gas emissions. In recent months, Brown has signed a new gas tax to fund more than $50 billion in repairs to the state's roads and bridges, and he extended California's cap-and-trade program, which has raised $4 billion for clean energy, electric cars and high-speed rail."




Advanced high speed rail in operation all around the world
"There's no reason why Europe or China should have the fastest trains" -President Obama, January 27, 2010

HSR France, 357mph
China is currently spending over $650 billion to build their new national high speed rail system

Spain is spending nearly $200 billion to build their new national high speed rail system

China, New HSR Station in Beijing

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