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MONDAY  FEB 11, 2013

8 am -

Welcome Coffee & Registration

8:30 -

Bringing High Speed Rail to America

Opening session with leading advocates for high speed rail in America.  Hear about the benefits, opportunities, and challenges of a major new infrastructure project for America.  Hear about progress being made, status of the program, and what's coming next.

-Andy Kunz, USHSR
-John Porcari, USDOT
-Congressman James Oberstar


Coffee, Refreshments, & Networking

10:30 -

High Speed Rail Around the World

The rapidly growing global high speed rail network will be discussed by representatives from different continents. Lessons learned and best practices in high speed rail from experts from Europe and Asia. 

-Ignacio Barron, UIC
-Felix Leinemann, European Commission
-Armin Kick, Siemens
-Guillaume Mehlman, Alstom
-Virginia Verdeja, CAF USA

12:00 -

NEC Future - Planning, Investment, & Development

Hear from project leaders about the plans and progress on the Northeast Corridor (NEC) master plan.  Hear about the NEC Commission and its work and progress advancing the nation's busiest rail corridor to world-class status.

-Mort Downey, Parsons Brinckerhoff-
-Mitch Warren, NEC Commission
-Stephen Gardner, Amtrak

1:00 -

Lunch - Hurricanes, Trains, and New York City - The Full Story

Hear the inside story of New York's transportation experience with megastorm Sandy - massive flooding, power outages, washouts, tons of debris, hundreds of miles of damaged track - and how the MTA systematically restored services across a 5,000 square mile region serving 11 million passengers daily.
-Dwayne Sampson, MTA New York; Transportation Diversity Council

2:00 -

21st Century Train Station - DC's Union Station Master Plan

Hear about the $7 billion major renovation and expansion of DC's iconic Union Station including over 3 million square feet of new mixed-use development, new station areas, and high speed train platforms.
-Stephen Gardner, Amtrak-
-Harriett Tregoning, DC Office of Planning
-Robert LaCroix, Amtrak
-Brian Harner, Amtrak
-David Tuchmann, Akridge

3:00 -

Private Investment & Financing High Speed Rail

Financial experts and industry leaders will discuss bringing private capital into HSR projects.  Conditions for investing, an infrastructure bank, public-private partnerships, and developing legislation to encourage private involvement in HSR systems in America will be discussed.

-Alex Metcalf, Ph.D., TEMS
-Dr. Richard Geddes, Cornell
-Andrew Wood, Amtrak
-Richard Arena, APT

4:00 -

Coffee, Refreshments, & Networking

4:30 -

Transit Oriented Development & Station Architecture

Hear about major real estate developments at rail stations, making the connection between high speed rail, regional and local rail, urbanism, and the many synergies created.  See the latest station designs, station area planning, and more.  Learn how to profit from TOD.

-Sarah Lewis, CNU DC-
-Doug Firstenberg, Stonebridge Associates
-Tom Fleury, Cityline Partners
-John Robert Smith, Reconnecting America
-Rod Garrett, SOM
-Mike Bello, Gensler 

7:00 -

Evening Reception
at the Embassy of Spain 

Network with elected officials, conference attendees, speakers, & sponsors

Pre-registration Sunday Afternoon
Pick up your conference badge and materials early Sunday and beat the crowd Monday morning.  Pre-registration is open Sunday from 4-6pm


The Summit takes place at the Alion Conference Center, 1100 New Jersey Ave. SE, directly across the street from Navy Yard metro station, and the USDOT headquarters.

February 11-13, Washington DC


8 am -

Welcome Coffee & Registration

8:30 -

A New Vision for Transportation in America

Hear about the coming paradigm shift in transportation from leading national and state advocates for HSR.  Learn about the opportunities for advancing jobs and economic development across America while delivering new fast and efficient mobility options.

-Secretary Ray LaHood, USDOT
-Joseph Szabo, FRA
-Rod Diridon, Mineta Transp. Institute
-Joseph Boardman, Amtrak


Coffee, Refreshments, & Networking

10:30 -

HSR in America Update

Hear the latest on the national HSR program, schedules, and funding.  Get project updates from California, Illinois, New York, the Southwest, and more.

-Kevin Brubaker, Env. Law & Policy Center-
-Rick Harnish, Midwest HSRA
-Daniel Krause, Californians for HSR
-Ray Chambers, AIPRO

11:30 -

Rail Megaprojects - Policy, Planning, & Finance

This panel will explore how to advance rail megaprojects in an era of limited funding, extensive environmental review, and robust consultation, with a focus on the proposed Gateway Program connecting New York and New Jersey.
-Petra Todorovich Messick, Amtrak-
-Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro 
-John Barna, AECOM
-Drew Galloway, Amtrak
-Robert Yaro, Regional Plan Association

1:00 -

Lunch - Media, Messaging, & Marketing HSR 


Special panel of transportation professionals, advocates and leading communications experts will discuss changing public opinion in favor of HSR. Hear about the highly successful HSR campaign in the UK that mobilized a powerful national coalition leading to a 'yes vote' for HSR.

-Daniel Krause, CA4HSR
-Terry Bellamy, DC DOT
-Emy Louie, USHSR
-other speakers TBA

2:00 -

Special Greeting From Congresswoman Louise Slaughter

Special keynote presentation from the long time supporter of high speed rail in Congress and founder of the Bicameral Bipartisan Congressional High-Speed and Intercity Passenger Rail Caucus.

2:15 -

Global HSR Megaproject - Connecting France & Spain

Hear from the lead designer of the newly opened Figueres-Perpignan HSR link between Spain and France, built as a public-private partnership.  This engineering feat was carried out in record time across difficult terrain and created the missing link between the two nation's high speed rail networks, creating a much larger, connected network.  Travelers can now travel smoothly between Madrid, Barcelona, Lyon, Paris, and beyond.

-Francisco Fernandez- LaFuente, Sener

2:30 -

American Industry - Scaling Up & Retooling

Hear from industry leaders in civil engineering, construction, technology, and defense about scaling up and retooling to meet the demand of a major new infrastructure project for America.  Hear about the many challenges and opportunities this brings to American industry.

-Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee
-Pat Natale, Executive Director, American Society of Civil Engineers-
-Erick Stewart, STEWART Industries
-Kenneth Jacobs, T-Solutions

3:30 -
4 pm

Coffee, Refreshments, & Networking

4:00 -

Special Presentation from U.S. Congressman John Mica

Special keynote presentation from a Republican leader on the House Transportation Committee.

4:30 -

US High Speed Rail Policy & the Future

Industry leaders and political insiders will discuss U.S. rail policy going forward from a number of perspectives.  Hear about funding priorities and coming changes to national rail and transportation policy.
-Roy Kienitz, Roy Kienitz, LLC-
-Karen Hedlund, FRA
-Drew Galloway, Amtrak
-Robert Puentes, Brookings Institution

Note:  This is a preliminary program, and is subject to change without notice.

9:00 am -
2:00 pm

Transportation Tours

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Pre-registration Sunday Afternoon
Pick up your conference badge and materials early Sunday and beat the crowd Monday morning.  Pre-registration is open Sunday from 4-6pm


The Summit takes place at the Alion Conference Center, 1100 New Jersey Ave. SE, directly across the street from Navy Yard metro station, and the USDOT headquarters.

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