21st Century Transportation for America


8:00 -
8:30 am

Welcome Coffee & Registration

8:30 -

Bringing High Speed Rail to America

Opening session with the leading advocates for high speed rail in America.  Hear about the benefits, opportunities, and challenges of a major new infrastructure project for America.  Hear about progress being made, status of the program, and what's coming next.

-Andy Kunz, USHSR
-Thomas Hart, USHSR
-Dr. Steve Kimmel, Alion
-Jorge Dezcallar, Ambassador of Spain
-Ichiro Fujisaki, Ambassador of Japan
-Klaus Scharioth, Ambassador of Germany
-John Parisella, Quebec Delegate General
-Jack Kinstlinger, ARTBA

Coffee, Refreshments, & Networking

10:30 -

Global Developments in High Speed Rail

The global high speed rail network will be dicussed by representatives from different continents. Lessons learned and best practices in high speed rail from experts in Europe and Asia. 

-Chuck Wochele, Alstom
-Stephen Robillard, Siemens
-Richard Lawless, US Japan Rail
-Antonio Perez, Talgo
-Huigang Ying, Shanghai Railway Admin.

12:30 -
1:45 pm
Lunch - Politics, Public Relations, Media

Special panel of leading public relations & communications professionals discuss HSR and shaping the message for promoting high speed rail across America in a changing political and economic climate.

-U.S. Congresswoman Kathy Castor
-Michael Kehs, Hill & Knowlton
-Stuart Sirota, TND Planning
-Barney Bishop, AIF
-Steven Anderson,
-Manfred Ohrenstein, Ohrenstein & Brown, LLP 

1:45 -
3:15 pm

Transit Oriented Development & Station Architecture

Hear about major real estate developments at rail stations, making the connection between high speed rail, regional and local rail, urbanism, and the many synergies created.  See the latest station designs, station area planning, and more.  Learn how to profit from transit oriented development.

-Gillian Blake, Arup (Moderator)
-Ron Sims, HUD
-Chip Akridge, Akridge Development
-Andrew Whalley, Grimshaw Architects
-Tom Bozzuto, Bozzuto Development
-David Scott, Arup
-Steve Goldin, WMATA TOD
3:15 -
3:45 pm

Coffee, Refreshments, & Networking

3:45 -
4 pm
Special Greeting from Congresswoman Louise Slaughter

Hear from a long time supporter of high speed rail in the House of Representatives

-U.S. Congresswoman Louise Slaughter

4:00 -
5 pm
Scaling Up Engineering and Construction

Hear from leading experts and industry leaders in the civil engineering profession about scaling up to meet the demand of a major new infrastructure project for America.  Learn about the challenges of meeting the demand for this project with little history in rail in America.

-Pat Natale, Executive Director, American Society of Civil Engineers (Moderator)
-Vinay Mudholkar, Louis Berger
-Terry Hill, Arup

5:00 -
6:15 pm
HSR 1 Year Later

Representatives from the Administration and national advocacy organizations will discuss where the national HSR program is one year later after the historic launch of this new vision for America.
-Petra Todorovich, America 2050 (Moderator)
-Karen Rae, Federal Railroad Admin.
-Rick Harnish, Midwest HSR
-Ross Capon, NARP

6:30 -

Reception on Capitol Hill with House and Senate Members

Network with Members of Congress, conference attendees, speakers, elected officials, sponsors, and the media

Note:  This is a preliminary program, and is subject to change without notice.

The Summit takes place at the Alion Conference Center, 1100 New Jersey Ave. SE, directly across the street from Navy Yard metro station

February 8-10, Washington DC
7:30 -
8:00 am

Welcome Coffee & Registration

8:00 -

Breakfast with Chairman Mica

Special opening session with the new Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

-Congressman John Mica
-Congressman Jim Costa
-New York Senator Malcolm Smith
-other speakers TBA
9:50 -

Coffee, Refreshments, & Networking

10:20 -

Chairman Oberstar Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation

Special award presentation to the outgoing Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

-Congressman Jim Oberstar
10:50 -

Financing High Speed Rail

Hear from financial experts and industry leaders on bringing private capital into HSR projects.  Conditions for investing, an infrastructure bank, public-private partnerships, and developing legislation to encourage private involvement in HSR systems in America will be discussed. 

-Craig Covil, Arup (Moderator)
-Robert Dove, Carlyle Group
-John Barna, AECOM
-Andrew Giorgione, Buchanan Ingersoll Rooney 
-Karen Hedlund, Chief Counsel FRA
-Judge Robert Eckels, Texas HSR
-George Avery Grimes, SCRA
-Colin Stewart, Arup

12:15 -
12:30 pm
Financing Spain's HSR Network

Special session case study on Spain's new high speed rail network - financing and investment, and the short and long term economic benefits.

-Bernat Amadas, Ardanuy - Barcelona
12:30 -
1:30 pm

Lunch with Senator Mark Kirk

Special keynote presentation from the Republican Senator representing Illinois.

1:30 -
2:40 pm

HSR in America with Congresswoman Corrine Brown

Learn more about the national HSR program from a long time supporter of rail in the House of Representatives.  Also hear presentations on the Florida project, and the international talent that has gathered to bid on the nation's most shovel-ready project where the national HSR program will be launched.

-Congresswoman Corrine Brown
-Arnold Gibbs, Terracon
-Juan Lema, Ministry of Public Works & Transport, Spain
-Florida Mobility Partners
-other speakers TBA

2:40 -
3:00 pm

Special Presentation on the CTIL Train Simulator

Hear about the Alion-developed train simulator called the Cab Technology Integration Laboratory (CTIL) produced to support the Federal Railroad Administration's mission to modernize and enhance existing rail transportation systems.

-Christopher Plott, Alion Science & Technology

3:00 -
3:30 pm

Coffee, Refreshments, & Networking

3:30 -
4:30 pm
HSR & National Defense, Energy Security, and Homeland Security

Hear from leading experts in government and the defense industry on the national and international energy security picture, and how HSR is a major solution because it is powered by electricity.  Learn about the defense industry's pioneering work in developing and advancing renewable energy, and its capabilities as program manager and technology supplier for major projects.
-Congressman Bill Shuster
-Dr. Adam Cox, Dept. of Homland Security
-Benjamin Lowe, Truman Nat'l. Security Proj.
-Wes Burns, Lockheed Martin
-Alion Science and Technology rep
4:30 -
5:30 pm
Procurement Opportunities

Learn about the many opportunities for large and small businesses to get involved in the national high speed rail mega-project.  Hear about project schedules, funding sources, and ongoing plans for one of the largest infrastructure projects in the world.

-Scheryl Portee, USDOT
-CA Assembly Member Cathleen Galgiani
-Joe Boardman, Amtrak CEO
-Jeffrey Boothe, Holland & Knight
-Dwayne Sampson, Transp. Diversity Council
6:00 pm -

Cocktail Reception at the Embassy of Spain
Network with conference attendees, speakers, elected officials, sponsors, and the media

8:00 pm -

Special After Party at
L2 Lounge in Georgetown
Relax and network during a special private party at one of DC's hot clubs

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8:30 am

Welcome Coffee & Registration

8:30 -

California HSR Project

The California high speed rail project will be the largest single HSR project in America.  The 800-mile, $40 billion project will revolutionize mobility and commerce in the state, and forever change how people, goods, and services move around.  Hear about the project's history, current status, and plans for the state's buildout.

-Congresswoman Laura Richardson
-CA Assembly Member Cathleen Galgiani
-CA HSR Authority Representative TBA

10:00 -

Coffee, Refreshments, & Networking

10:30 -
HSR PAC, Policy, & Legislation

Hear about the launching of an HSR PAC, and the development of a political strategy to sustain the momentum and growth of a national HSR program.  Establishing a permanent funding source and ramping up the support for a major investment in the national HSR system will be discussed.

-Leo Giacometto, Gage
-Zahra Buck, Buck Group GS
-Jon Plebani, Buchanan Ingersoll Rooney
12:00 -
1:30 pm

Special PAC Lunch

Luncheon for development of the HSR PAC.

1:30 pm
Afternoon on Capitol Hill

Senate and House members and staffers present briefings on HSR legislation and policy initiatives.  Meet with your representatives to show support for HSR in America.
5:30 -

Champagne Reception


The Summit takes place at the Alion Conference Center, 1100 New Jersey Ave. SE, directly across the street from Navy Yard metro station