21st Century Transportation for America


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Cocktail Reception with Senator Dick Durbin.  Sponsored by and held at the corporate offices of Quarles & Brady
Network with conference attendees, speakers, elected officials, sponsors, and the media

Senator Durbin
Reception Location:
Quarles & Brady
300 North LaSalle
Downtown Chicago


The Conference takes place at the Marriott Magnificent Mile, 165 E. Ontario St. Downtown Chicago

Note:  This is a preliminary program, and is subject to change without notice.
June 1-3, Chicago
Note:  This is a preliminary program, and is subject to change without notice.
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Welcome Coffee & Registration

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Bringing High Speed Rail to America

Opening session with the leading advocates for high speed rail in America.  Hear about the benefits, opportunities, and challenges of a major new infrastructure project for America.  Hear about progress being made, status of the program, and what's coming next.

-Andy Kunz, USHSR
-Thomas Hart, USHSR
-FRA Administrator Joe Szabo

Coffee, Refreshments, & Networking

10:30 -
Special Presentation by Amtrak

Thomas Carper, Amtrak's Chairman of the Board
Al Engel, Amtrak's HSR VP 

Mr. Carper and Mr. Engel will give an update on the Chicago > St. Louis line, NEC (Northeast Corridor) HSR project, as well as other projects Amtrak is working on around the country.

11:00 -
Greeting from Brandon Neal, Director USDOT Small Business

Mr. Neal will give an update on the USDOT Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization and contracting opportunities for small businesses in HSR.

11:15 -
HSR European Network

Belgian Ambassador Jan Matthysen will give an update on the European rail network and its connections to Belgium.

11:30 -
12:30 pm

Midwest 220 HSR Study Release

Presentation of the groundbreaking new study for a 220 mph Chicago HSR hub that will create $118 billion in wages and nearly $300 billion in business sales over 30 years. 

-Armin Kick, Siemens
-Rick Harnish, Midwest HSR Association
-Stephen Fitzroy, EDR Group
-John Barna, AECOM

12:30 -
2:00 pm
Lunch - Politics, Public Relations, Media

Keynote:  Illinois Governor Pat Quinn

Special panel of leading public relations & communications professionals discuss HSR and shaping the message for promoting high speed rail across America in a changing political and economic climate.

-Sandy Stein, Quarles & Brady
-Richard Arena, Assoc. for Public Transportation
-Mike Bedke, DLA Piper; Connect Us
-Richard Adamson, HSR Productions, Hollywood
-Becky Johnson, Siemens 

2:00 -
Special DOT Panel

Special panel of DOT officials discussing high speed rail in America.  Hear about current and pending projects, timelines, procurement, and long term vision.

-Kirk Steudle, Michigan DOT Director
-Joseph Shacter, IL DOT Intermodel Director
2:30 -
3:45 pm

Transit Oriented Development & Station Architecture

Hear about major real estate developments at rail stations, making the connection between high speed rail, regional and local rail, urbanism, and the many synergies created.  See the latest station designs, station area planning, and more.  Learn how to profit from transit oriented development.

-John Buck, John Buck Company
-Douglas Voigt, SOM Architects
-Cecilia Ribalaygua, Spain
-Will Schroeer, SGA
-Marty Vanags, Economic Dev. Council
3:45 -
4:15 pm

Coffee, Refreshments, & Networking

4:15 -

High Speed Rail Around the World

The global high speed rail network will be dicussed by representatives from different continents. Lessons learned and best practices in high speed rail from experts in Europe and Asia. 

-Joseph Borremans, HSR Consulting
-Stephen Robillard, Siemens
-Stephanie Brun-Brunet, Alstom
-Joshua Coran, Talgo
-Jack Martinson, Bombardier
-Vinay Mudholkar, Louis Berger
-Susana Gozalo, Consultrans, Spain

6:00 -

Reception with Congressman Jim Oberstar

Hear from one of the longest serving members and biggest supporters of HSR in Congress.  Network with elected officials, business leaders, conference attendees, speakers, elected officials, sponsors, and the media

      HSR 2011
8:00 -
8:30 am

Welcome Coffee & Registration

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HSR Projects in America

Hear from leaders working on HSR projects around America - from the Midwest, to California, Las Vegas, and the southwest.  Projects to be discussed include the Chicago region, New York & Northeast Corridor, Texas HSR, California's HSR mega-project, the Desert Express to Las Vegas, and HSR in the southwest.  Project status, impending contracts, and updates wil be presented.

-Senator Malcolm Smith, NY
-Art Guzzetti, APTA
-Randy Wade, HNTB
-CA Assemblymember Cathleen Galgiani
-John Inglish, Western HSR Alliance
-Rose Cannaday, Texas HSR
-Kevin Brubaker, Env. Law & Policy Center

9:45 -
Small Business & HSR

Get an update on small business involvement in the national high speed rail project and the many procurement opportunities. 

-Sylvia Blackmon-Roberts, BRG 
-Roberto Escalante, SB Resource Center
-Dwayne Sampson, Transportation Diversity Council
-Eugene Dibble, Capstone Management Services, LLC
-Robert Lancaster, BREE & Associates

10:45 -

Coffee, Refreshments, & Networking

11:15 -

Public Private Partnerships & HSR Financing

Hear from financial and legal experts and industry leaders on public-private partnerships and bringing private capital into HSR projects.  Terms and conditions for partnerships and investing, an infrastructure bank, public-private partnerships, and developing legislation to encourage private involvement in HSR systems in America will be discussed. 

-Thomas Hart, USHSR
-T.C. Koa, PhD., University of Illinois
-Allan Marks, Milbank Tweed
-Eric Small, Castle Oak Securities
-Jeff Boothe, Holland & Knight
-Michael O'Shaughnessy, Quarles & Brady
-Jack Kinstlinger, ARTBA; KCI Technologies

1:00 -
2:00 pm

Special Lunch

Networking Luncheon

2:00 pm
Afternoon Tours

Participate in transportation and real estate project tours in the Chicago area.  Details to follow.